HopTour La Cabane en l’Air – D 46

Tree house after tree house

Whether it is in the Castels Campsite, or around a guest house, close to a touristic site or not, in the middle of a forest or in the countryside, we begin to see what links all the partners of the network La Cabane en l’Air : nature, heritage, authenticity, and a deep humanity.

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Indeed, all those structures are over all stories of women and men whom one of the major motivation is to permit their heritage to stay alive, often family, sometimes recently acquired, but always unique, and to open it to everyone, to others.


All have also at heart to preserve, as much as possible and often in different ways, the natural environment that allows their clients to live an extraordinary experience of a night in a tree or floating house.

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We are thus very often welcome in a very warm atmosphere, by people interested by the Hopineo approach. They are eager to know what is going on at their counterparts of the network and beyond, and to discover new solutions to carry out their activity, both in the performance itself thant to its marketing or even the way to maximize the cabaneur (understand, tree houser) experience.

A diversity, inexhaustible wealth

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Within La Cabane en l’Air, don’t expect to live twice the same experience in two different places. Sometimes, even within the same strucure, the experience varies completely whether you stay in this or this tree house.


« Easy » or adventurous access, alone in the middle of a « magic » forest, next to the biggest ironworks place of Brittany, beside a pond with the company of an abundant wildlife, at the heart of a campsite that offers all the services you need, or on the water, in a little paradise

 All the world’s gold…

… or anyway the tree houses’ gold, at least part of it ; that is what we are learning every day. We rethink about the photographic exhibition of Liliane Clément Photography  » Gold of Cambodia », and are starting the analogy : the tree houses’ gold, it is those beautiful sunsets that seam to burn out the trees or that reflect in the pond ; it is the nature, the quietness, the rest it shelters ; it is the very special decoration, unique every time ; it is also this special time, out of time, disconnected, that the tree housers enjoy with the family or with their other half – browsing the visitors book, we can even read that some of them decided to do some « tree house night » at home, turning off the electricity to reconnect with others « without internet » and… talk ! (what world are we living in?!) ; and it is finaly the very special welcome from the hosts.

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We recognize some of the joys of our HopTour de France, with all the learnings and encounters of very diverse people. Friendships are formed, some projects are considered, wishes are growing.


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In short, we keep moving… always !

As most of our experiences during the last 12 months, the Hopineo project – that already doesn’t belong only to us two, and it is better that way – is shaked up, forcing questionning, feeding the inspiration ; above all. We counted up last week, we are now a bit more thant a hundred to contribute actively to the Hopineo community.

And for us, in addition of everything else, this is happiness 🙂 !

Retour en enfance pour Justine et Mahery

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